ICE Europe 2021

Internationale Leitmesse für die Veredelung und Verarbeitung von Papier, Film und Folie

22. – 24. Juni 2021 · Messe München


Murgenthal, Schweiz

Halle A6, Stand 424


More than 60 years of know-how in the development and production of premetered coating dies have allowed TSE TROLLER to be a world leading specialist in the applied coating technology sector. TSE has developed advanced coating solutions, which have paved the way for the future.
Every time your target is to apply uniform, ultra-precise functional layer to either flexible or rigid substrates and regardless whether coating sheets or web-based substrates, please contact TSE Troller. In order to apply a wet film on a glass substrate, TSE Troller can demonstrate a complete new application method for the glass industry.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

TSE Troller uses the most precise equipment for producing and measuring the die plates in order to guarantee the highest possible quality of the equipment.
Beside precision and surface quality, it is the design of the cavities that plays a crucial role in achieving a superb performance of the die. TSE has wide know how in modelling different liquids. Target of the dual cavity distribution system is a uniform cross profile of the coated film over a wide range of different products without any adjustments.

ICE Europe Produktkategorien

  • Papier
  • Folie
  • Silikone
  • Lacke
  • Klebstoffauftragssysteme / Düsen
  • Versuchs- / Laboranlagen
  • Beschichtung / Kaschierung, allgemein


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