ICE Europe 2022

La Fiera Leader al Mondo per l’Industria della Lavorazione e Trasformazione di Carta, Film e Laminati

15 – 17 marzo 2022 · Messe München, Monaco, Germania


Nibbia (NO), Italia

Padiglione A6, Stand 576

Profilo Aziendale

Thanks to its verticalization process, which is unique on the market, this hands-on involvement in the sector permits COLINES® to engineer, manufacture and test its lines directly and to gain the necessary insight needed to be ahead of qualitative standards, optimize technical timing and control production costs. COLINES® customers can therefore take advantage of a technological support that is unique and original in the field. For this reason COLINES® lines are updated according to the state of the art and to the most recent market demands as to be managed in the best possible way by the operators. COLINES® is always moving in the direction of technological progress, gaining its strength from a synergy of means and gained experience.

Prodotti e Servizi

COLINES® manufactures extrusion lines with experiences arising in 1970 and developed with a constant growing in the succeeding years. The production program includes:
• Cast and blown extrusion lines for the production of the following types of film: stretch film, CPP film, CPE film, barrier film, breathable film and embossed film (included MO Barrier film, MOPP, MOPE).
• Lines for the production of Bubble Guard® Board and Flex in PP (patented technology).
• Lines for PE air bubble film.
• Lines for the production of PVC gaskets for refrigerators.
COLINES® has a widespread network of agents and service teams all around the world.

ICE Europe Categorie Prodotti

  • Estrusione
  • Linee di estrusione per pellicole soffiate
  • Linee di estrusione per pellicole piane


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