ICE Europe 2022

Internationale Leitmesse für die Veredelung und Verarbeitung von Papier, Film und Folie

15. – 17. März 2022 · Messe München


Ambivere (BG), Italien

Halle A6, Stand 454


Experience, innovation and attention to the quality of the production process and safety are the hallmarks of BONFANTI, designing sophisticated industrial lifting and handling systems, managed by refined semi-automatic and automatic mechanisms, as well as warehouses for different industrial sectors.
In Plastic Film sector, BONFANTI is recognized as a world leader for automatic handling, storage and packaging systems, having developed specific solutions to meet all logistic needs (handling, weighing, packaging, labeling, storage and SW applications), allowing the customer to manage the whole production process from the unwinder to the shipment, with periodic assistance to ensure the proper performance of the equipment during the life cycle.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

BONFANTI is an Italian company who has been manufacturing lifting equipment for over 40 years, organized in 3 divisions:
• Industrial lifting systems (capacity 2÷500 t )
• Automatic handling and storage systems for materials
• Service and Assistance
For Plastic Film Industry, BONFANTI developed specific solutions to satisfy all logistic needs:
• Jumbo rolls area
Jumbo Rolls Automatic handling equipment and warehouses
• Slit rolls area
Slit Rolls Conveyors from slitter to production areas, Automatic warehouses
• Metallization area
Metallizer and secondary Slitters Automatic systems
• Palletizing area
Material Handling equipment for packing, pallet packaging lines
• Software systems
MES, Cutting optimization, scheduling, tracking

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Mr. Cristiano Metti
Strada Statale Briantea, 4
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