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Synchro Sheeter with unique sheet transportation system

BW Papersystems, Germany

By inventing a new way to transport sheets, BW Papersystems has systematically overcome the problems faced by customers wishing to cut very light and delicate substrates.
BW Papersystems' RQS-V Folio Sheeter, available in 850mm and 1350mm widths, is the fastest variable sheeter for single web application and is ideal for cutting plastic film, beer labels, lightweight and speciality papers. Its revolutionary air stream technology moves sheets without tapes, rollers or belts. The sheets are effectively pulled – instead of pushed – through the process, without any mechanical contact. This allows for immaculate results for sensitive products.
BW Papersystems' unique air stream sheet transportation system is the solution to a proven technology issue of commercial web printing businesses.

UV-Nanoimprint for functionalised polymeric surfaces

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany

The application of nanoimprinted surfaces has led to highly improved properties and increased efficiencies of printed and traditional silicon electronical as well as optical devices.
While providing a giant potential market for Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) technologies in functional coatings of screens and touchscreens for mobile devices, fast imprinting has led to major challenges for mass production.
For this range of applications, Coatema has developed a highly advanced set of UV NIL lab and production machinery for roll-to-roll (R2R) NIL. Various methods have been applied to meet the recent requirements in accuracy and production speed at the same time.
Therefore, Coatema’s latest developments in manufacturing technology for large area R2R, seamless UV- and thermal NIL provide polymer surfaces for optical applications with light-guiding, light-trapping, light-diffusing or micro lens effects as well as further advanced lithography techniques. At the same time, properties like anti-sticking, anti-bacterial, low drag and haptic surfaces can be realised.

Electrically driven knife holder PSGs-DF-P-DC

DIENES Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Taking into account the technical development for slitting narrow special films, DIENES has designed an electrically driven shear cut knife holder in close coordination with machine manufacturers and users.

In classic cutting applications, rotation of the top knifes is effected by the friction of the driven bottom knife. This has a negative effect on the cutting quality of sensitive special films. The additional top knife drive eliminates cross tearing for films with low inherent stability and variable speed adjustments significantly improve the slitting result. The knife head design enables reproducible contact forces, whereby the minimum cutting width is only 70 mm despite the individual drive. As an option, new knife holder design has a different colored LED display, which supports operators in achieving the correct overlap between the knives at all times.

Both developments will ensure that, in the future, the constantly increasing quality requirements for the slitting of special films are met.

KK1 REVO - Laminator Machine with revolver winder

Imesa Srl, Italy

This laminator machine works like a slitter rewinder, reducing the linear length of the jumbo-roll, and laminating any plastic film or foam with PSA or Transfer Adhesive in a single step. The machine is completed by an automatic system for indexing the material into empty cores, a slitting station and extractors for the edges.
The machine controls are pneumatically controlled or equipped with EMG brakes and Brushless Motors for maximum cutting and positioning accuracy. The working width is up to 1600 mm and can hold a jumbo-roll of up to 1200 mm in diameter and a weight of 1 ton.
The KK1 REVO can achieve high production, e.g. reducing a 1000 mts jumbo-roll in 25 mts long logs, the machine has a capability of 700 mts of final product per hour. It is a perfect match for all converters with a large production and a wide range of products.

COMEDCO – the complete solution for transdermal dressings and oral dispersible films

OPTIMA life science GmbH + Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany

Reaching the objective fast and safe with a new alliance: COMEDCO. The new alliance assists pharmaceutical companies with their start in the manufacturing and packaging process of transdermal dressings and oral dispersible films. Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH and OPTIMA Life Science GmbH are behind COMEDCO with their expertise in converting and coating with pharmaceutical medicines. The production of transdermal dressings and ODF products starts with the coating process where the substance is applied to the carrier material by a COMEDCO machine. Depending on the product, a certain drying time has to be considered which takes place within the machine. Subsequently the carrier material with the applied substance is cut and rolled into individual rolls. The packaging process is completed in the second part of the COMEDCO machine. In this part of the machine, existing (product depending) carrier material can be removed, new carrier material introduced, film would be cut to a defined size, separated and reunited on a carrier film and packaged. The booths of the alliance partners Coatema and Optima Life Science will showcase the combined process for an ODF product at ICE Europe in Munich.

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