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Electrostatic Assistance to Gravure Printing – ACE ESA 24V Patent

ACE Electrostatics & Web Cleaning, Italy

100% elimination of “Missing Dots” using 24V instead of high voltage 5.000V to 15.000V!
• Generators inside the bars bodies
• One mini 24V feeding unit replaces the high voltage generator on printing unit shoulder
• No more high voltage cables in the printing unit, no risk of sparks generating fire in case of damaged cables
• Only 24V power running in the entire ACE ESA TL24 System
• Device to accurately control the sleeve’s conductivity with no external influences
• Wrong sleeve detection – safety, no risk of fire
• ESA automatic stop when wrong sleeve is mounted
• Sleeve decaying detection – preventive maintenance
• System resetting via IT interfacing with ACE Service Central
• Charging bar double polarity inclusive of positive/negative ionisation and selector at press console, no need of extra generators
No risk of fire, increased safety, no high voltage cables, enhanced electrostatic balance at winder!

Nexus-E Bond Strength & Barrier Improvement for Metallising Applications

Applied Materials WEB Coating GmbH, Germany

Applied Material’s patented Nexus-E technology was developed to permit fully automated pre-treatment of polymeric web materials and subsequent metallisation, with up to four times improved barrier performance and bond strength.
The technology involves a combinatorial substrate energetic ion and electron bombardment to increase its surface energy and modify its chemistry. This step is needed to prepare the surface for both, nucleation and growth of a thin, high quality AlOx seed layer prior to the deposition of the primary Al barrier layer. Finally, a thin AlOx layer is deposited onto the metallised Al layer, again to modify the surface energy and reduce the amount of metal pickup during subsequent winding.

Robotics and Automation to increase productivity

Comexi, Spain

Consumers are increasingly looking for individualised products. Their purchasing preferences are increasing the pressure on packaging converters, as brands look to them not only for improved execution, but also for innovation. Nevertheless, consumers are not willing to buy products at higher prices than they would pay for mass-produced goods. As a consequence, the concern for increased productivity and efficiency has become more relevant than ever before.

The constant research on productivity improvement was the catalyst that triggered the development of robotic and automated solutions such as the new Comexi F1, the flexographic press with an automatic device for sleeve changeover to reduce the time needed for job changeover.

Furthermore, robotics and automation can also be applied at the slitting process with a completely automated plant to reduce the average job speed. Transport, labelling, weighing, bagging or palletising are some finishing processes that definitely contribute to more productivity.

Derichs ED- touchless-clean: a hot topic - solved cool!

Derichs GmbH, Germany

Cleaning roller surfaces is a challenge for many companies. Often executed by hand, it forces production stops and causes high downtime costs. Furthermore, for reasons of safety, many companies are always looking for better solutions.
The ED-TL-clean is the innovative solution for the inline-cleaning of different roller surfaces. Derichs uses a newly developed, dielectrically impeded plasma (DBD – dielectric barrier discharge). This plasma is pulsed, low in energy (cold) and homogeneous, in contrast to corona plasmas. It develops little to no dangerous species. Nonetheless, the species in the DBD are just as highly reactive and simply build up their debris and pollutants in sustainable compounds such as CO2 and H2O. With a specially designed device mounted at the non-film wrapped part of the roller, this system can be used continuously. Equipped with appropriate sensors, contamination can be monitored, and plasma action and working time can be controlled. The ED-TL-clean minimises downtime costs and optimises workplace safety.

Knife holder DS 8 easy change

DIENES Werke für Maschinenteile GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

For industrial slitting, DIENES has developed the DS 8 shear cut knife holder, which enables tool-free knife replacement. This system makes a significant contribution to work safety in the company and reduces set-up time to a fraction required for a tool-related knife replacement.

Knife change functionality:
The knife can be easily removed and replaced by unlocking the safety clip and removing the clamping nut. The ring nut is then screwed back onto the knife holder until the safety clip engages in its fixing position. The locking pin serves to prevent the knife carrier from twisting when changing knives, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

The advantages:
l Knife head for tool-free knife change: shorter set-up times,
positive locking of ring nut (easy change), screws and tools
cannot fall into the machine
l with locking pin to prevent the knife carrier from twisting when changing knives
(reduces the risk of accidents)

P-LED - Intelligent and self-controlling UV-LED System


P-LED is a self-monitoring UV-LED system that enables users to have constant and uniform UV output at any time – leading to a higher product quality and total process control.

ICAD® technology enables users to have constant overview of how the UV system is performing directly against the material it cures. This enables you to guarantee a correctly cured product.

P-LED has ICAD® integrated and comes in different power levels and with all available wavelength options.

Fast and easy service and maintenance of all components is an integrated part of P-LED, hence, uptime is drastically improved and costs are minimised due to modular exchange of modules.

P-LED is future-proof. If you need to exchange a module in the future, ICAD® will measure and adjust modules to perform equally.

P-LED is designed with all the converting requirements in mind – economy, usability, industry 4.0, serviceability, stability, performance etc.

EMGZ310.ComACT - Digital measuring amplifier with optional operation via mobile devices

FMS Force Measuring Systems AG, Switzerland

Measuring amplifiers for web tension control are available in many different variations. Ranging from basic, compact, analogue devices with simple display to complex, multi-functional electronic units with fieldbus or ethernet interfaces.
The EMGZ310.ComACT from FMS Force Measuring Systems combines the functionality of a digital amplifier with the compact design of analogue amplifiers. In addition, it allows for comfortable operation known from multifunctional units. The EMGZ310.ComACT thus opens a new segment of measuring amplifiers with the following benefits:

+ highly economical with full functionality
+ compact design, only 22.5 mm wide, installation on DIN rail
+ Display and operation via free FMS ComACT App

Fraser intelligent static control solution increases product quality, reduces wastage

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd, United Kingdom

Fraser shockless DC-powered NEOS static elimination bars are a significant advance in industrial static electricity control technology. By deploying the built-in intelligence and intense ion generation of NEOS bars, a major Asian cast film production company immediately benefited from an 80% reduction in customer complaints regarding material quality.

Although the film producer’s winding system, from a leading European machine manufacturer, was fitted with static eliminators from a recognised international provider, they were receiving significant complaints from customers relating to shocks to operators and contamination during processing.

Fraser technical experts devised an array of NEOS 20 anti-static bars over the production equipment, adjusting their functional mode until residual balances of <1.5kV on film were observed consistently.

As experienced more broadly, client outcomes include improved quality of output, lower production costs, reduced wastage and increased customer loyalty. Outcomes for their end customer include increased productivity, satisfaction and confidence in the materials supplied.

GEW multi-point UV monitor (mUVm)

GEW (EC) Limited, United Kingdom

GEW’s multi-point UV monitor (mUVm) is a major innovation for UV curing installations which optimises print production capability and reliability, reducing wastage of materials caused by undercured print.

Effective ink curing on a press depends upon a guaranteed output from the UV lamp and mUVm continuously monitors this output. It offers a highly reliable and cost-effective solution for production monitoring and eliminates the possibility of inadequate UV dose.

A simple user interface displays the UV output of the lamps. With sensors monitoring once a second, unprecedented control can be achieved. As a result, potential waste is eliminated and thus efficiency is greatly improved.

GEW’s mUVm also enables the user to easily see when UV lamps reach end of life, ensuring that they are replaced at the correct time and not before. Accurate outputs determine when to change lamps, whilst saving energy by reducing lamp running power.

IMESA GAP18 - Gap Cutting and Island Placement machine

Imesa Srl, Italy

This machine can perform the gap cutting (or island placement) with a wide range of acrylic adhesive (such as VHB), or foam products and so on.
The GAP18 is able to cut the material into 2 mm strips by applying a distance of 2mm between the strips, and giving a distance between sheets from 2 mm up to 50 mm, without wasting the raw material.
All the machine controls are by EMG brake (unwinders) and Brushless Motor (winders) to achieve the maximum cutting and positioning accuracy. The working width is up to 500 mm and the available rolls diameter is 300mm.
The GAP18 can achieve a production of 40 mts of final product per hour. E.g. with 7 mm strips / 3 mm gap, the machine is able to perform 130 strokes per minute.
The “finger lift” application and the liner replacement option are also available.


New Era Converting Machinery, USA

New Era Converting Machinery introduces its patent pending LLS (Lap-Less Splice) Unwind that is designed to provide a fully automatic, Lap-Less Splice between the end of an expiring roll and the leading edge of a new roll. The system is suitable for use on a wide range of materials and operates at speeds in excess of 1,000 fpm, without need for slowing or accumulating the web. The system provides a splice with tape on both sides of the web and can be used on any material which can be cut with a rupture style knife. The ability to provide a splice which is functionally identical to a butt splice, without the need for an accumulator, is a game changer for the industry. The LLS Unwind allows for the formation of a lap-less splice at high speeds without the need for slowing or stopping the web and without the need for operator intervention.

Form, Fit and Function Nanocoatings for Plastic Films Surface Engineering


Based on Atmospheric Pressure - Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (AP-PECVD), NORCOP introduces MOLECULAR COATING, a new gas phase processing technology for the production of functionalised nano-coated plastic films and sheets.
Powered by oxygen, nitrogen, silicon and fluorine chemistries the new surfaces exhibit 10 to 72 mN/m surface energies allowing precise control of numerous properties such as adhesion, release, anti-fog, water repellency…
Thanks to its ability to fine tune dispersive and polar energies, NORCOP delivers surfaces with perfect Wetting and Adhesion fitting the requirements of customer inks or varnishes for a high precision fine line printing, smooth and well defined edges necessary to flexible electronics and OPV for instance.
With its proprietary technology on atmospheric plasma surface coating, NORCOP makes available to the market a series of new advanced sustainable materials in the form of rolls or sheets manufactured in its premises.

MistEx: System for the prevention of misting in roll coaters

Polytype Converting GmbH, Germany

In addition to costs, silicone misting has far-reaching negative effects on health and safety at work.
Polytype Converting, in collaboration with Eltex-Elektrostatik, has developed a patented method to prevent misting. It uses electrostatic forces by means of a double-row plasma electrode. The process has been used at Polytype Converting's pilot plant and in several customers' production processes. As a result, misting was almost completely avoided without affecting release properties. The MistEx system can also be retrofitted.

- Prevention of health risks caused by particle mist in the work environment
- Cost saving by avoiding special additives
- Increased safety at work by eliminating slip hazard caused by silicone residues
- Reduction of maintenance and cleaning
- Optimal use of the coating mass (silicone) without wastage caused by misting, thus cost reduction

Gap cutting machine

Suzhou Chuanri Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., China

This machine is a change liner, which is very popular for converting VHB tapes. It creates a gap between each two tapes to avoid that the tapes stick to each other again. The working principle of the machine is that of a change liner. The new liner is feeding length than that of the tape to create the gap.
Suzhou Chuanri Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd can set 10pcs, 50pcs, or more as a group, between each two groups, there will be a big gap. This makes it easier to count.

1.CQT-700 gap cutting machine
2. TDMQ-1300 gap die cutting machine

Suzhou Chuanri Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialised in die cut area since 1986. Popular products are die cutting machines, slitting machines, laminating machines and roll to sheet cutting machines etc. All of them meet CE and SGS certifications.

tesa EasySplice® 51910 FilmLine

tesa SE, Germany

The tesa EasySplice® FilmLine range has been designed specifically for the splicing of non-polar film substrates. The fast preparation and safe splice performance at the highest speeds provide maximised process stability and efficiency.

Benefit 1: Time saving
The fast and easy way to prepare reels for splicing. Just one straight line – no extra tape, no additional butterflies – needed.

Benefit 2: Speed
Run even difficult-to-splice substrates at full machine speed. The secret lies in the formulation – with tesa SE's patented FilmLine contact adhesive.

Benefit 3: Waste reduction
Higher splice performance means less waste. All tesa EasySplice® products come with a specially designed splitting strip, which ensures safe closure of the new reel during acceleration and precise opening of the new reel after contact – every time.

Benefit 4: Tearable by hand
No scissors or cutters are needed, which increases safety at work.

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