HAEHNE: Web Tension Calculation online

14th November 2018

HAEHNE: Web Tension Calculation online

Supporting customer inquiries online: that is the goal of the new HAEHNE software for web tension calculation. With a few details such as web tension geometry, tractive forces and roll weight, the customer not only receives a calculation of the resulting forces, but also suggestions for suitable sensors from the HAEHNE program.

Using online forms, the interested customer can narrow down the selection of suitable sensors. After preselecting a suitable force measuring sensor, e.g. depending on design and material, the sensor selection can be narrowed down further online to configure the appropriate sensor and then request it directly from HAEHNE. Additional requirements can also be included in the request. To confirm the selection, HAEHNE checks all technical data again and contacts the customer if there are any questions. When all technical details are clear, an appropriate offer is made. This online-based, service-oriented identification process significantly reduces costs for customers and suppliers as well as the required time. In line with digitalisation, many clarification steps are processed precisely online, which leaves more time for essential questions.

For more information visit haehne.de/en/news/actual-news/web-tension-calculation-online/

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