RHEINTACHO: RT STROBE pocketLED Laser – the Stroboscope with Integrated Laser Synchronisation

14th November 2018

RHEINTACHO: RT STROBE pocketLED Laser – the Stroboscope with Integrated Laser Synchronisation

RHEINTACHO has equipped a small portable pocket stroboscope with an auto-sync laser function. RT STROBE pocketLED Laser combines an LED-stroboscope and a laser tachometer in one device. The LED stroboscope is used for the visualisation of movement. The laser tachometer enables contactless rotational speed measurement. There are numerous areas of application wherever quickly moving objects must to be made visible, e.g. while checking turbines, in production and process control in the printing and textile industries, during inspection of running equipment in production, or in research and development, especially when monitoring material safeguarding.

The auto-sync laser function is what makes this new pocket stroboscope special. Using an intelligent transmission/reception system via laser, developed by RHEINTACHO, the flash frequency of the stroboscope synchronises automatically using a reflection mark. The RT STROBE pocketLED Laser determines the synchronisation frequency immediately without any manual adjustment or external sensor signals. In addition, the redundantly determined value guarantees absolute measuring certainty.

The portable multifunctional device flashes at up to 999,999 flashes per minute, in stroboscope mode. The quartz-accurate control issues precise flashes. Six extremely bright and durable LEDs provide excellent illumination of a circular surface. The RT STROBE pocketLED Laser achieves a high degree of measuring accuracy.

The light and ergonomic design and compact shape of the device allow for it to be operated with just one hand. The metal LED-head, the resistant housing, a screwed battery compartment and the additional elastomer holster provide excellent stability. The IP65 labelling confirms protection against dust and moisture and guarantees that the device is safe to use in demanding industrial circumstances and outdoors.

Users instantly recognise the selected mode of operation, tachometer or stroboscope, based on the different colours of the backlight. The intelligent two-stage control concept also provides two options: a standard and a professional mode. This makes it possible to switch back and forth between daily routine applications and special measuring tasks. All standard functions can be executed quickly and without prior knowledge.

The RT STROBE pocketLED Laser is available in two different versions: with or without a trigger interface. In the trigger version, the stroboscope can be connected to the chosen plant via cable. The trigger interface is set up as a combined input and output interface. The trigger output makes it possible to transfer the flash frequency in the stroboscope to an external plant.

For more information visit www.rheintacho.de/en/aktuelles/presse/detail/news/detail/News/rt-strobe-pocketled-laser-the-stroboscope-with-integrated-laser-synchronization/

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