H.B. Fuller: New Hot Melt Adhesives for Everyday Applications

4th March 2019

H.B. Fuller: New Hot Melt Adhesives for Everyday Applications

H.B. Fuller will showcase two exciting hot melt, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) products for the tapes industry at ICE Europe 2019, Stand 1650, Hall A5: The Lunamelt™ HL 2838 and the Swift®melt 2033, two high-performance solutions. To support customers’ efforts to lower their total cost of ownership, H.B. Fuller introduces Lunamelt™ HL 2838, a tape application designed primarily for carton sealing and tear tapes for easy to open e-commerce shipment boxes. This product is a great solution for a multitude of applications, testing well for temperature resistance and adhesion to PE foam.

Swift®melt 2033 is a high-performance adhesive used by tape manufacturers for double-sided applications. It has been formulated with good shearing resistance and high temperature resistance of up to 95°C. This makes it suitable for automotive interior applications that often stipulate a temperature tolerance of 80°C. This adhesive technology combines strong adhesion to both, polar and nonpolar substrates, with strong adhesive power, and is one of the products with the highest cohesion in H.B. Fuller’s range of adhesives for the tapes market.

H.B. Fuller’s scientists design cutting-edge bonding solutions for the ever-changing tapes market. The tapes industry can be very competitive. Considering the wide range of possible tape applications, growth in this market depends on cross-sector usage in vastly different industries, such as construction, automotive and others. And with just a few large providers, the market consists mainly of fiercely competitive small- and medium-sized businesses. When selecting the right adhesive supplier, today’s tape manufacturers require a partner that can keep pace in a constantly changing world and provide solutions on all fronts – from raw material selection to supply chain management. H.B. Fuller works closely with customers to continually improve tape applications that meet the requirements of consumer and durable goods manufacturers wherever they do business. The company also leverages its global reach to advance locally-driven innovations in solvent-based, hot melt, and water-based adhesive technologies.

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