SPILKER GMBH: Individual Converting Machines for Rotary Cutting

30th January 2019

SPILKER GMBH: Individual Converting Machines for Rotary Cutting

The Spilker GmbH will present its comprehensive range of converting machines and rotary tools at this year’s ICE Europe. The focus will be on a machine from the S-CON series, specially developed for the event.

Designed for the rotary processing of a wide variety of materials, the converting machine offers extensive production possibilities in order to realise even sophisticated and complex processing processes. Spilker will show functions such as the shifting of cut-out parts on a new liner in order to enlarge the distance between the parts. This process saves material and is therefore useful when processing expensive materials. Another component of the machine is a double cutting unit with two cutting tools in V-arrangement. Thanks to its mechanical register, the V-cutting unit enables perfectly accurate cutting with two tools.

In addition to the tool and machine solutions shown, Spilker will offer the opportunity to test brought-in materials on-site for suitability for rotary die-cutting and the cutting behaviour.

For more information visit www.spilker.com/en/home.html

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